What's the benefit of T.E.N.S?
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T.E.N.S may be commonly used to provide relief from pain associated with the following:

Back pain: low back pain, upper back pain, sciatica, ARTHRITIC PAIN
Muscular pain: whiplash, frozen shoulder, Leg pain on hip, knee, ankle, Achilles tendon, heel and foot etc.
Sports injuries: Injuries on tennis elbow, golfers elbow, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and fingers, phantom limb pain.
Abdominal pain: Menstrual Pain, irritable bowel syndrome
Head pain: classical migraine, pre-menstrual migraine, cluster headaches, stress, insomnia etc.
Neuralgic pain: Trigeminal neuralgias, post-operative pain, peripheral neuropathy with chemotherapy/diabetes, RHEUMATISM
Pregnancy and Childbirth pain: T.E.N.S treatments may also be used for some ante-natal problems, labour and delivery and post natal problems.

What are the advantages of T.E.N.S?
• Safe
• Portable
• Drug Free
• User friendly
• Ideal for home use
• Effective: many people feel immediate benefit
• Widely used and recommended by physiotherapists and doctors

T.E.N.S is proved to be able to reduce pain intensity. Many people feel immediate benefit from TENS. However a minority may only achieve benefit after repeated treatment sessions and over an extended period of time.
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